THE KOLLEL OF HOUSTON, Houston’s premier Torah study center, began functioning in the winter of 2010. The Kollel consists of a cadre of nine talented Torah scholars who reside in Houston.

THE KOLLEL at its heart is a Rabbinic Fellowship, led by our Dean, Rabbi Shlomo Littman. It provides a program of intense Torah study that affords its Rabbinic members the opportunity to develop into accomplished Torah scholars and leaders, right here in the heart of Texas. The Kollel of Houston is the only full-time Rabbinic fellowship within a one thousand mile radius.

THE TORAH NUCLEUS OF HOUSTON. This Rabbinic Fellowship effectively creates a strong Torah nucleus which is essential for Jewish continuity in Texas. The Kollel members are empowered to share their knowledge with people of all ages, thereby creating a vibrant and energetic Torah community. The Kollel fosters a caring and inspirational environment for adults and children alike to grow in their Judaism.

TRIBUTARY FOR JEWISH EDUCATION. This Torah nucleus has a ripple effect, well past the physical walls of  the Kollel. Along with their dedicated wives, the Kollel members have made a remarkable contribution to Jewish education in Houston. Currently, ten members of Kollel families and its alumni hold important positions in Jewish education throughout Houston. The Kollel has consistently supplied local Jewish institutions with qualified teachers and support staff for their Judaic studies departments.