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This library, a resource for the Jewish children of Houston, has been established by the family of Leon Weiner, a man who loved reading throughout his life and was known as a child to check out books from the library many times a week. To learn more about him, and see a video in which he discusses his Jewish values that guided his life, see Leon Weiner. The family is grateful to the Houston Kollel and the Young Israel of Houston for hosting the library and to the many community members who have contributed to its establishment and growth.


Classroom at the Young Israel of Houston, 7823 Ludington


Sundays from 11am to 12pm


  • Check-out hours on Sundays from 11am-12pm
  • New book processing, including barcoding and book protection

If you're interested in any of the above options, email


Donations to the Leon Weiner Jewish Library are always appreciated. 

Checks should be made out to the Community Kollel of Houston with 'Library' in the memo and given to Aaron Weisman.

Please indicate if you would like a book to be donated in honor of or in memory of someone, including the name and address of anyone you wish to be notified of the donation.

There will be a book wishlist available in the near future. Suggestions are welcome.

*Please note that donations to the library are tax deductible. However they do not count toward your annual pledge towards the Kollel.


For all inquiries regarding the library, please contact Aaron Weisman at