Last updated on 10/2/2017 at 10:00am


  • IMPORTANT: As we transition from emergency relief to short and long term relief, if you still require help, please fill out this form. If a volunteer team comes to assist you and you still have additional requests, please fill out another request, as work volunteers and crews are assigned daily, and we want to make sure that we can assist you in receiving the help you need. Please click here. to fill out the form.
  • The warehouse will be open on Monday 10/2 and Tuesday 9/3 from 4:00pm-8:00pm. As we are unsure how long we will be able to keep the warehouse open, we encourage everyone to please come out this week! 
  • Dallas once again will be sending kosher catered meals for Succos for those affected by the flood. If you need kosher meals for Succos and you are not arranging the meals through your synagogue, please contact Tzivia Weiss at tzivia@kosherhouston.org to order.


  • See below for other new resources.


It is very important that all those that flooded should be registering through the following three links:

  • CLICK HERE This secure form enters you on a central database which will be used to organize and coordinate clean-up, financial and other services with the Federation and JFS.
  • www.disasterassistance.gov This is a government agency that you should register with even if you don't have flood insurance. Can only be beneficial.
  • We are trying to assess the needs of the community going forward so that we can help as many people as possible. There is an abundance of resources available and we need to distribute it as efficiently as possible.
    If you were affected by the flood, we need you to fill out the following new secure form so that we have detailed information to provide you with the proper resources. This form will also help us assess the need for prepared food in the coming weeks.
  • Red Cross Financial Assistance If you were affected by the flood, Red Cross is helping with financial assistance. To apply go to disasterverification.com

Financial Assistance

In addition to registering with the other forms above, more resources may be available by registering through the following links:


Mental Health

  • A flood can be an overwhelming experience. If you need somebody to talk to, please call Chai Lifeline at 1-855-3-CRISIS, email crisis@chailifeline.org or call JFS at 832-930-0196.
  • Flood Support Group for children and adolescents every Monday from 4:30pm-7:30pm at JFS. If you are interested please contact Michael Rose, MSW at 713-986-7825.

Supplies & food available


  • If you need assistance with laundry, please contact SK Herbst at kherbst422@gmail.com to arrange pick-up.


  • Shaimos drop-off is available at UOS between 10-3.